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          You stole the punch line!
          punch line 妙語,關鍵句

          I don't care about the food or the booze at this party, but I want one heck of a band. And I want to boogie with Carole at this wedding.  
          booze  【俚語】酒
          boogie 跳舞,隨著音樂擺動身體

          Long story short - you're having a Glee wedding.  
          Long story short 長話短說

          Today is a red-letter day.  
          red-letter day 具有標志性意義的一天
          日歷上通常大的節假日都會用紅字標出來吧?于是就是紅字日了。也叫做scarlet day。

          Sue,you're the bee's knees.  
          bee's knees 人中極品

          Booyah. Not to worry,ladies.
          booyah 表示喜悅的感嘆詞

          I'm over the moon. Or maybe I'm a little high off this adhesive, but I want to scream from the highest mountain,
          over the moon 喜出望外

          Being on top means you don't have to take crap from anybody.  
          take crap 聽別人的廢話,忍受別人做的蠢事
          是take shit的斯文版……也斯文不到哪里去……

          If you accept, this ring will symbolize my promise to you to be true, to never pressure you to do anything more than kiss, to listen to your problems, to tell you when you have food in your teeth or eye gunk, to come over to your house whenever you need something super heavy moved around. I promise to make you feel proud when you point down the hall and say, 'That dude's my boyfriend.' And I promise to do all of those things without ever trying to sound like Matthew McConaughey. I really care about you,Quinn. And I want us to be together.

          High school is a dry run for the rest of your life.
          dry run 演戲,排練,試運營

          - I'm sorry. I thought that was your name. As an apology, I'll allow you to choose from the following nicknames Gelfling,Porcelain, and Tickle-Me-Doughface.  
          - I guess I'll go with Porcelain.  
          - Damn. Totally wanted Tickle-Me-Doughface.  

          You are out of your depth.
          out of depth 某人應付不了的狀況

          Takes all kinds.  
          It takes all kinds 林子大了什么鳥都有/大千世間無奇不有
          完整句是It takes all kinds to make a world.直譯是世界上什么人都有。

          we've been hot on the trail of Eva Braun's great-nephew Chad.  
          hot on the trail 窮追不舍

          He's been under our noses this whole time.  
          under one's noses 在眼皮底下

          Stop picking on Kurt.
          pick on sb. 找某人的碴兒
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